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Camp Structures

  • Reactor Dome
    • TODO: raise the walls
    • TODO: make a new cover, consider reflectix for the roofing portion
    • TODO: consider entrance that can mate with monkeyhut/hangar
  • Cooling Tower
    • Dimensions:
      • 16' diameter at the base
      • 14' diameter at 3' height at the lower trampoline
      • 12' diameter at 6' height
      • 10' diameter at the top rail
      • 9' diameter at the deck
      • each pole is rotated 90 degrees between bottom and top rings

    • Ground level is 2' wide plywood ring (inner radius 6.5', outer radius 8.5')
    • Rebar attachments to plywood, also guylines from the top deck level down
      • at least 6 30' guylines with pretentioners, 2 rebars for each, at least 12 additional rebar stakes (one for each plywoood ring segment)
    • http://k7nv.com/notebook/topics/windload.html
    • TODO: get bamboo: 48 sticks of 26', glue up as needed
      • raw bamboo processing
        • cut to length or find multiple pieces
        • puncture all nodes and set up to dry for 2 weeks
        • treat with borax solution
        • heat treat in a mold to eliminate oils and straighten out
        • plug the ends, concat pieces, wrap with fiberglass at the ends, connections and reinforcement points
        • cover with polyurethane varnish to contain remaining moisture
    • 14' trampoline with safety enclosure
      • use trampoline for the on the ground (internal) trampoline
      • attach legs to plywood ring with brackets, use sheet metal screws to hold everything together
      • use safety enclosure on the top
    • use 9' trampoline with brand new mat at the deck level
    • use 12' trampoline ring at 3' above ground trampoline for a slackline triangle (?)
    • make a new ring/trampoline frame some place in the middle for safety net (hammocks) support
    • TODO: make 2 rope tunnels
      • http://www.staples.com/Anchor-Brand-3-Strand-Manila-Rope-600-ft-L-3-8-in/product_793742
        • cheap, but unrated!
        • everybody else quotes work load limit of 122lb (exactly!) for 3/8" manila rope, if ladder uses 2 on each side, should that be good enough?
        • PVC ring, hula hoops, or bamboo leftovers every 2 feet, 6 ropes, still need rungs
    • Bottom pole connector  (Cordura is replaced by fiberglass in the final version)
    • 5/8" threaded rod sticks out of the pole by 3/4", base plate is 3/16" steel tilted at the proper angle, 5/8-11 nut holds things together

    • Raising poles in pairs - tie 2 poles while on the ground at 16ft with diamond braided rope, raise, spread into a cross and install each side into their base plates, lean left leaning pole against the bottom trampoline frame, tighten the nut at the base, tie to loops at the base and the trampoline frame
  • Command & Control aka Kitchen
    • Slava/Stas?
  • Evap pond and Decontamination Shower
    • need to decide on the size
  • Barb wire fencing
  • Decent camp layout (100ft x 70ft):

Alex Kiskachi,
Mar 14, 2013, 5:14 PM