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Panem et circenses


  • Let's have 2 people cover the camp at all times between noon and midnight
  • Main goal is to keep the tower safe and lead interactive sessions
  • So 3 shifts, 4 hours each:
    • 12pm-4pm (includes ice cream service, 1pm-3pm, intense)
    •  4pm-8pm (airbrushing for safety, probably low attendance)
    •  8pm-12am (includes GITD jello and fluorescent makeup, 9pm-11pm, attendance depends on placement)
  • Big burns are Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun 8pm-midnight, so we will close early
  • Totals:
    • Mon, Tue, Wed: 3 shifts
    • Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun: 2 shifts
    • 17 shifts altogether, so each camp mate gets 2 shifts on average

The show

Radical Fluorescence

  • GITD (Glow in the Dark) Jello - serving after dark
    • Show? Shapes? - sounds like precooking the whole thing is the easiest
    • Recipe
    • Quantities
      • 2 oz of tonic per serving
      • 3oz package of jello, 2 cups of tonic water makes 1lb of jello
      • 100 people a day, 3 days, so 5 gallons of tonic, 40 3oz packages of jello
      • green or blue jello powder
  • Airbrushing for safety
    • using our handy stencils, cover your gear or yourself in helpful texts and signs
    • fluorescent and skin-safe dyes available
    • cargo fonts galore, use velcro stickers to concatenate letters into sentences
    • many languages
      • "CONDEMNED"
      • "PROPERTY OF"
      • "NOT POTABLE"
      • "FOLLOW ME"
      • "LEFT NO TRACE"
      • "KEEP OFF"
      • "ZONE"
      • "DANGER"
      • "EXIT"
      • "NOT AN EXIT"
      • "ЗАРАЗА"
      • "НЕ ВЛЕЗАЙ, УБЬЕМ"
    • radiation signs, skulls and bones, lightnings of all sizes
    • unicorns, rainbows, stars, arrows, Burning Man
    • crank it up a bit into rated-R territory?
    • we have some airbrush equipment
    • ideally need 12v compressor (car tire inflator?)
    • stencils can be cut on our vinyl cutter (9" max width)
  • Fluorescent makeup station
  • Sunscreen giveaways
  • Mini UV LED keychain
  • Mini keychain combo light: red laser, LED flashlight, LED UV light
  • glow in the dark/fluorescent evap pond (bought tracer tabs yellow, red, and blue, they glow a lot, need to figure out lighting)
  • uranium marble run with blu-ray lasers (got the marbles and the laser, glow is insane, need somebody to fit it to a suitable marble run toy with electric lift - could be awesome)
  • UV lighting throughout, got some 12v UV LED strips, they work when set close, need to work out the electrical layout
  • we can use mylar and aluminum foil for awesome laser and UV reflections (how do we make sure they don't become moop?)

Making noise

  • Music: MIKE (or boombox 20w, max allowed 300w)
  • Geiger counter clicking as a background sound (got Geiger counter, will record samples,  also we can generate Geiger noise using android app, or run synth)